At CJM Wealth Advisers, Ltd. we recognize that our clients entrust us with significant personal and financial information solely for the purpose of developing financial plans and as part of the continuing work we do for them. Based on the information gathered, we may make recommendations for investments, insurance and/or estate planning strategies appropriate for your goals or needs.

The personal information we gather includes, but is not limited to, social security numbers, financial records and account balances, copies of tax returns , insurance policies, health histories, and estate planning documents.

All personnel employed by CJM Wealth Advisers, Ltd. are clearly instructed that your information is highly confidential and is only provided to us so we may aid you in meeting your goals and objectives. Accordingly there is to be no disclosure of this information outside of the firm.

CJM Wealth Advisers, Ltd. does not sell lists of our client nor do we disclose client information to outside marketing companies.

In the normal course of our work, we may share some of your information when it is necessary to carry out a recommendation for an investment, or to apply for life, health, disability, or longterm care insurance. In each of these cases, you will need to complete and sign additional forms disclosing this data and an opportunity will be afforded thereby to be notified, in advance, of the release of this information.

Other instances where it may be appropriate for us to share some of the information you have provided with outsiders would include where you authorized CJM Wealth Advisers, Ltd. to release data to attorneys or accountants you have or may engage or bankers with whom you are negotiating
for credit.

Also, the confidential information we collect about you may be disclosed pursuant to a court order to surrender such data or if a federal, state, or industry regulator requires it as part of an examination of our business operations.

We will reaffirm this policy annually in writing, as long as you maintain an ongoing relationship with CJM Wealth Advisers, Ltd.